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In India, Women Can’t Even Have Their Own Religion

Here's an absolutely creepy situation out of India, where a court has refused to allow a woman to retain her own religion (Zoroastrianism), ruling that she is now officially the religion of her husband (Hinduism) because she married him. … [Read more...]

TBN Makes Founders Filthy Rich. Film at 11.

More revelations are coming out in the lawsuit filed by the granddaughter of Paul and Jan Crouch, owners of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and they include details of a lavish lifestyle that includes multiple private jets and homes just for dogs. … [Read more...]

Kennedy Gets it Right on Plea Bargains

The Supreme Court issued two very important rulings last week that expanded, a bit, the protections guaranteed as a result of the right to counsel. In both cases the result was 5-4, with Justice Kennedy joining the four more liberal justices and the four conservatives all in dissent. Both cases involved attorneys giving bad advice to defendants concerning plea bargains offered by the prosecutors. Orin Kerr explains the two cases. The first: … [Read more...]

Ft. Bragg Won’t Let RBB Feed Homeless Vets

Justin Griffith writes that the higher ups at Ft. Bragg are refusing to allow us to collect canned goods at this weekend's Rock Beyond Belief event to help feed homeless veterans. They're using a policy that forbids "fundraising" on the base to do so, but applying it inconsistently: … [Read more...]

Thanks, Christian Right

A new article and book by two political scientists, David Campbell and Robert Putnam, looks at the recent uptick in the number of Americans, especially young people, keeping their distance from traditional Christianity and remaining outside the church. And as Peter Berger points out in a review of their work, it appears that much of that growth is due to the actions of the Christian right. … [Read more...]

Bargaining With Newt’s Ego

Michelle Cottle speculates on what it would take to get Newt to drop out of the race (if you're Santorum) or to stay in it (if you're Romney). At this point, she says, he's only still in the race "because he’s drunk on a cocktail of spite, narcissism, and general mischief." But he may also be looking to secure some promises from the other two: … [Read more...]

The Political Future of Marriage Equality

Paul Waldman has an interesting article in which he argues that President Obama will be the last Democratic presidential nominee not to fully embrace marriage equality. First, he recounts Obama's hesitant and politically convenient positions on the issue: … [Read more...]

Why Is Romney So Bad at This?

On my radio show, my co-host Don Reese and I have talked a few times in recent weeks about just how bad Mitt Romney has turned out to be at campaigning, with some surprise. Speaking of all the gaffes, Don wondered where Mitt's handlers are as he commits gaffe after gaffe. But as we've found out with the etch-a-sketch comment, his handlers are turning out to be just as bad. … [Read more...]

Illinois Republicans Kill Police Recording Bill

The Illinois legislature has been considering a bill that would allow citizens to record the police doing their jobs (with audio -- it's already legal to record video, but you can't record the audio too). And Republicans in the state House have killed the bill. … [Read more...]

Balko Gets the MrBongo Treatment

There's an amusing but annoying phenomenon whenever a blogger or journalist gets a reputation for reporting on certain issues. If one comes up and they don't comment on it, their critics say "A ha! You didn't cover story X, and that means (fill in the blank)." Balko is getting it right now for not writing about the Trayvon Martin case yet. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt: Gays Want Higher Taxes on Us!

If Gordon Klingenschmitt didn't exist, I might have to invent him. He's just such a perfect source of wingnut crazy that I don't know what I'd do without him. Here he is claiming that gay people want to raise taxes on straight people to pay for their deviant "lifestyle." … [Read more...]

Knight: Protecting Voting Rights = Treason

Robert Knight, formerly one of the men who ran Concerned Women for America and now with the American Civil Rights Union -- the religious right sure does love their alternate versions of the ACLU -- says that defending voting rights in America is treason. … [Read more...]