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Virginia Columnist Slanders Atheists

Dan Casey, a columnist for the Roanoke Times, invents an entirely fake conversation in order to slander atheists, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation in particular, as only caring about church/state separation in order to make money. Here's a taste of the irrational diatribe. … [Read more...]

‘Psychics’ Give Tips on Missing Girls

Two young girls from Evansdale, Iowa have disappeared and the people in that area are searching far and wide to find them. The local sheriff's department have been looking for more than two weeks and there's a $50,000 reward being offered. But they're getting exactly the wrong kind of "help" from dozens of 'psychics.' … [Read more...]

The Unreality of Reality TV — Or Why NatGeo Should Be Ashamed

One of the more irritating things about the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel, which purport to be pro-science and educational, is how often they put on shows that push egregious nonsense instead of critical thinking. And a new NatGeo show about UFOs is so bad that even the stars of the show are now slamming the network: … [Read more...]

CO Hospitals Wipe Out Medical Bills of Shooting Survivors

It's been widely reported that many of the survivors of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado don't have health insurance and could face massive bills for the treatment they've received. But now some of the hospitals that treated them have agreed to wipe out those bills: … [Read more...]

NJ Supreme Court Sets New Standards on Eyewitness Testimony

Here's very good news for the cause of justice. The New Jersey Supreme Court has established a new set of jury instructions that includes disclaimers about the reliability of eyewitness testimony, which is often the primary basis on a criminal conviction rests. … [Read more...]

Obama Reelection Will Destroy America!

Con man Rick Scarborough insists that his latest crusade, which he calls 40 Days to Save America, is "not a political effort." Which explains why he goes on a radio show to promote that event and declares that American will not survive if Obama is reelected in November: … [Read more...]

Benny Hinn: Revival Begins with Billy Graham’s Death

Famous evangelist Billy Graham is 93 years old and in poor health, so his death at any moment would hardly be a surprise. And it looks like faith-healing fraud Benny Hinn is positioning himself to take over that mantle, telling followers that God has shown him that Graham's death will mark the beginning of a huge American revival of religious fervor. … [Read more...]

Fake Ex-Terrorist Spews Crazy on Abedin

With Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, in the crosshairs of the loony right, fake "ex-terrorist" Walid Shoebat is turning the crazy up to 11 by showing how one false premise can lead to two ridiculous conclusions. … [Read more...]

Aurora Shooting Victim: We’re Not Blessed

Here's a welcome break from the flood of "thank God I wasn't hurt" drivel coming from those who survived the shootings at the Batman screening in Aurora, Colorado. One of the survivors says bluntly that they weren't blessed to survive, they got away because they reacted quickly, got lucky and some skilled and dedicated people helped them. … [Read more...]

The Christian Right Colonizes Africa Again

Political Research Associates has a new report out about American Christian right organizations dramatically ramping up their missionary and political efforts in Africa, where those efforts are often intertwined with anti-gay and anti-witchcraft crusades that have left thousands of people dead and many more oppressed. … [Read more...]

Texas BOE Does Something Right!

Holy cow. The Texas State Board of Education, which very rarely does anything that could be called even remotely rational, has actually voted -- unanimously, even -- for scientifically accurate textbooks, rejecting creationist books in the process. The NCSE reports: … [Read more...]

The Return of Mabus/Markuze?

Martin Wagner notes that Dennis Markuze (aka David Mabus) may have violated the terms of the probation he received after pleading guilty to making threats over the internet to many atheists, including me. That probation required him to no longer comment on blogs or any social networking site, for at least 18 months. … [Read more...]