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Mikey Gets the Attention of a Messianic Jew

I love seeing some of the crazy emails sent to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. His latest bit of stupid comes from a guy who calls himself Mevashir. He is a Messianic Jew, better known as a Christian. In his first email, he wondered why Mikey was appearing at an atheist event: … [Read more...]

Sign the Alexander Aan Petition

The Center for Inquiry has put together a petition demanding that the White House use its diplomatic leverage to pressure the Indonesian government to release Alexander Aan, who has been convicted and sentenced under that nation's barbaric and unjust laws. Here's the text of that petition: … [Read more...]

Chick-Fil-A’s New Homophobia Sandwich

When all this controversy broke out over Chick-Fil-A's support for anti-gay bigotry, I was a bit baffled; I'd never even seen such a restaurant, much less eaten at one. I didn't even know they existed. The Onion has now written an amusing satire on their introduction of a new homophobic sandwich: … [Read more...]

Chaplain’s Assistant Gives Awesome Speech

This is a very cool video of a soldier giving a brief speech upon reenlisting as a chaplain's assistant in the military. He comes out strongly against bigotry and injustice in all forms. … [Read more...]

Greenwald Moves to the Guardian

Glenn Greenwald is leaving Salon for the Guardian, where he will write a weekly column along with the daily blog posts he has done for years. He says a grateful and gracious goodbye to his home for the last five years: … [Read more...]

Bear in the City

Like movie director Kevin Smith, I have been told by several of my gay friends that if I ever decided to "switch teams" my dance card would be full because I am, evidently, a "bear," which is apparently in demand among a certain subset of the gay male community. Now there's actually a romantic comedy about the subject, which Smith stars in. Here's the trailer: … [Read more...]

Romney Adviser Tries to Otherize Obama

Mitt Romney is on an overseas tour, beginning in London, and his advisers are talking to the British media. One of them joined the loony right's constant attempts to otherize Obama, to pretend that he's anti-American and even anti-white and anti-European. … [Read more...]

Boston, Chicago Go Off the Rails on Chick-Fil-A

The president of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, is a first-class bigot who has donated large sums of money to hate groups like the Family Research Council. And I'm all for a boycott of the company and for criticizing the man in very strong terms. But two cities, Boston and Chicago, are taking this entirely too far in attempting to prevent the company from opening stores there. … [Read more...]

How Ex-Politicians Get Rich

When looking at the influence of corporate money in politics, we tend to focus on the billions of dollars spent on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions, but there's another way that big business influences legislators -- by promising them cushy positions on their boards of directors after they leave office. 24/7 Wall Street did a study of the 100 largest public companies and the former politicians who sit on their boards: … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania Stipulates No Fraud in Voter ID Challenge

As a state trial on the legality of the new voter photo ID law in Pennsylvania is about to start, the two sides have reached a stipulation agreement on what they will argue during the case -- an agreement that all but admits that voter impersonation, the only thing that photo ID could possibly help avoid, does not exist. … [Read more...]

Phila. Catholic Official Gets Prison Time

For the first time in American history, a Catholic church official has been convicted and sentenced to prison for complicity in covering up child abuse by priests by not reporting their crimes to the police and moving them from parish to parish. … [Read more...]

Tyrell Blames Aurora Shootings on ‘Liberals’

R. Emmett Tyrell, the publisher and editor of The American Spectator, joined Bryan Fischer on his radio show to blame the Aurora shootings on "cold-blooded" and "braindead" liberals who have chased God out of society. … [Read more...]