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Could It Be…Palin?

The Wall Street Journal calls everyone's attention to a "vague reference to a mystery speaker" in the official schedule for the Republican National Convention -- namely, a "to be announced" appearing in the 10 pm slot on Thursday night. Cue the speculation, which begins with the WSJ's poll of possible names that includes some rather obvious duds. … [Read more...]

An Amusing Review of D’Souza’s Documentary

Dinesh D'Souza's new film, which documents not the life of President Obama as much as it does his own fantastic delusions about Obama being a radical anti-colonialist Marxist boogey man, has received a very funny review from a newspaper in Florida. … [Read more...]

Wingnut Pol Wants to Control University Courses

A Christian right politician from Louisiana is hopping mad -- ooh, I garontee -- that the University of Louisiana is offering a minor program in LGBT studies. And he's demanding that the university end the program on the pretext that it doesn't prepare students for the "workforce." … [Read more...]

Should the Media Even Cover the Conventions?

Jeff Jarvis asks a question that may seem shocking at first, but I think he has a point: Should the media even bother to cover the two major party conventions? They're great entertainment for political junkies who still retain some measure of idealism, but they're really just 4-day infomercials. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Most Baffling Claim Ever?

We're used to some seriously bizarre pronouncements from David Barton, but this one really leaves me scratching my head. He told a pre-RNC prayer gathering that abortion is unconstitutional under the 7th Amendment. What does the 7th Amendment say? I'm glad you asked: … [Read more...]

Bachmann Warns of ‘Spiritual Hurricane’

While the Gulf Coast deals with a real hurricane, Michele Bachmann told a group of wingnuts (a gaggle? what is the proper term for a group of wingnuts?) that America is being hit by a "spiritual hurricane" and that they must prepare for Godly battle to fight against it: … [Read more...]

William Murray Diagnoses Atheists

William Murray, the evangelist son of Madilyn Murray O'Hair, has a column in the Worldnutdaily that diagnoses what's wrong with atheists who oppose the use of a cross as a memorial to the World Trade Center bombings. I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear that he concludes that we just hate the baby Jesus and probably grandmothers and kittens too. … [Read more...]

GOP Makes Steele Persona Non Grata

Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, has been pretty much wiped off the face of the earth, or at least the face of the party. He wasn't even invited to the Republican National Convention in Tampa and he is barely mentioned at all these days. … [Read more...]

Romney’s Latest Position on Health Care

Holy crap. After running like hell away from any mention of health care reform in Massachusetts, which is virtually identical to the Affordable Care Act that Obama pushed through, now suddenly Romney is touting that plan that the entire base of his party thinks is horrible and evil. Here he is Sunday morning on Fox News: … [Read more...]

Today’s WTF Political Position

Here's one of those baffling statements by a politician that just leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out what the point could possibly be. A member of the RNC's executive committee says that a governor meeting with a group of Native Americans is insulting the memory of George Custer. … [Read more...]

Major Life Changes

After a lot of thought I've come to a difficult decision. I'm going to end my radio show and devote my time and energy to turning the documentary project I had in mind into a book instead. My goal is to have that book written by the end of the year. … [Read more...]

Romney Claims Bain Activity to Avoid Taxes

Here's a very interesting development in the Mitt Romney tax story. Apparently, he claims on his tax returns to still be an active participant in Bain decisions even while telling voters that he can't be held responsible for anything Bain has done since he left in 1999 (or 2002, depending on which day it is). And he does so to save millions of dollars in taxes: … [Read more...]