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Nonexistent ‘Bible Code’ Predicts Romney Win

Leave it to the Worldnutdaily to promote this bullshit from some crackpot rabbi who still buys the long-discredited and, frankly, moronic idea that the Bible contains "codes" that predict current events. And that rabbi says the Bible codes predict a Romney win. … [Read more...]

Ooh, an Inauguration Conspiracy

The Worldnutdaily has this breathless and vague article about the inauguration of the next president, oddly suggesting some shenanigans because the actual swearing in of the president will be on January 21 instead of January 20, which has been the date since the passage of the 20th amendment: … [Read more...]

Religious Exemptions Allow Abuse in Florida

The Tampa Bay Times has a very disturbing report about how religious exemptions allow Christian academies and homes to commit the most horrible abuse against teenagers in the name of God. They begin with the story of one young man who nearly died at the Gateway Christian Military Academy after several days of abuse, then look at the laws that allow this to go on with impunity: … [Read more...]

Scalzi Writes a Letter to Anti-Choice Politicians

The brilliant John Scalzi writes an open letter to Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, Paul Ryan and every other conservative politician who wants to force women to bear the child of the man who rapes them. The letter comes from the perspective of the rapist, so consider this a strong trigger warning. Here's the start: … [Read more...]

Florida Keeps World Safe From Poker Players

Here's yet another story about a police raid on a poker game, but it's even worse than most such stories. This game didn't even have a buy-in. It was a free tournament at a restaurant, where the winners get prizes and the restaurant gets the extra business. Clearly a threat to public safety, so they had to send in heavily armed cops to break it up and arrest people. … [Read more...]

Americans Oppose Religious Restrictions on Contraception

Catholics for Choice and the ACLU commissioned a new poll that shows that large majorities of Americans -- and Catholics specifically -- oppose policies that allow religious businesses, organizations and individuals to deny contraception coverage to their employees or customers. The key findings: … [Read more...]

Why Political Lies Work

Douglas LaBier writes in Psychology Today to explain why voters are so susceptible to political lies. The answer seems rather obvious to me: Because people tend to think tribally and generally don't think critically, preferring cognitive shortcuts because they take less effort. … [Read more...]

Appeals Court Rules Against Geller, Spencer

There's been an ongoing court case here in Michigan involving an ad that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer wanted to place on buses in the Detroit area. The public bus system, called SMART, rejected the ad because they said it violates their policy regarding political and controversial content. Geller and Spencer's group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), filed a federal lawsuit and the district court issued a preliminary injunction in the group's favor. But now the appeals court has … [Read more...]

Farah’s Old Time End Times Religion

Joseph Farah is joining the litany of Christians proclaiming that the end is hear in this column, which is based on the "prophecies" of a 13th century rabbi named Judah Ben Samuel who was alleged to have "performed many miracles." And he's got his golly gee amplifier turned up to 11: … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy: What’s God Telling Us This Time?

Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters are tragedies, of course, but there is one aspect of them that I find highly enjoyable: Keeping track of all the reasons why the wingnuts think God is punishing us by sending those terrible events our way. So let's make a list: … [Read more...]

More Bizarre Bible-Constitution Parallels

David Barton has made a habit of making the most absurd and strained connections between Bible verses and the Constitution, but he's not alone. In his Founder's Bible, he includes an article by Paul Jehle, Executive Director of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, who says that the famous phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" came from the Bible too. And you're gonna love his argument: … [Read more...]

Jeffress: God Will Punish Us No Matter What

Right Wing Watch catches Robert Jeffress from the Southern Baptist Convention contradicting himself on Mormonism and the election. During the Republican primary he repeatedly called Mormonism a cult and said that if we elected Romney president it would invite God's judgement on the country: … [Read more...]