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GOP Leaders Turning Against Electoral Rigging Plan?

With Republican-controlled legislatures in several states considering legislation to divide their electoral votes up by congressional district, which would make it much easier for Republicans to win the presidency even if they lose the popular vote by large margins, a few Republican leaders are coming out against such proposals. Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is the latest: … [Read more...]

Wingnuts: Stray Bugs Prove Obama is Demonic

Just in case you thought the wingnuts had hit bottom in how ridiculous they could become, let me disabuse you of that notion. The Worldnutdaily reports -- of course they do -- that a couple flies buzzing around President Obama over a few years prove that he's really Beelzebub. … [Read more...]

Boehner, Paul Pander to the Religious Right

Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Rand Paul were among the legislators that spoke to those who gathered in Washington, DC for the March for Life, an anti-choice rally held last Friday. And they told the Christian right throng that was gathered exactly what they wanted to hear: … [Read more...]

Are Sarah Palin’s 15 Minutes About Up?

Fox News is not renewing its contract with Sarah Palin to provide commentary on their various shows after two years of giving her a great deal of air time. And Real Clear Politics is reporting that she was the one who rejected their contract renewal offer: … [Read more...]

AZ Legislator Wants Religious Loyalty Oath to Graduate

From the Department of Creepy Authoritarian Ideas: A group of Republican legislators in Arizona have proposed a bill to require a loyalty oath -- complete with a promise to God -- before anyone in that state can graduate from high school. HB 4267 says: … [Read more...]

Michigan Rep. Gives Away the Game on Electoral College Reform

Michigan is one of several states where the Republican-controlled legislatures are considering changing the way electoral college votes are determined. The proposal here is to have the electoral votes divided up by congressional district rather than a winner-take-all where whoever wins the popular vote gets all of the state's electoral votes. The arguments they're using are quite absurd: … [Read more...]

Judge Tells Taitz to Defend Her Lies

Orly Taitz may be in serious trouble with another judge. A federal judge in California has ordered Taitz to show cause why the court should not sanction her for lying when she failed to disclose a libel suit filed against her by a rival birther. … [Read more...]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Ill. Police Recording Case

Very good news out of DC. The U.S. Supreme Court denied cert in an appeal by the state of Illinois of a lower court ruling striking down that state's law against recording police officers on duty. That leaves the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in place. … [Read more...]

Wingnuts: Feminists Are ‘Selfish, Narcissistic, Family-Destroying Whores’

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio spend pretty much their entire show every day saying things that are abysmally inane. But this exchange is over the top, even for them. They think Sarah Palin is a feminist, but only a mildly bad one. The really bad ones...well, just watch. Right Wing Watch has the transcript. … [Read more...]

NBA Star Talks About His Two Mothers

Kenny Faried is one of my favorite players in the NBA. He's this generation's Ben Wallace, came out of a small school and just plays with a ferocity and relentlessness that is great to watch. And guess what? He has two lesbian mothers. And he made a video with them in support of marriage equality in Colorado (he plays for the Denver Nuggets). … [Read more...]

Driscoll: Obama Doesn’t Know God

The responses from the religious right to President Obama's second inauguration continue to flow in, especially on Twitter, each one seemingly more absurd than the last. But I think Mark Driscoll of the Mars Hill megachurch in Seattle is probably right about this one: … [Read more...]

Dean Goes Full Godwin

Bradlee Dean isn't just tipping his toe in the water of Lake Godwin, he's doing a cannonball off the dock while yelling "the Nazis are coming, the Nazis are coming!" In his latest insipid Worldnutdaily column, he compares America to Germany in the 1930s, failing to stop President Obama's headlong rush to fascism. "Are we as asleep as the Germans of the '30s," he asks. … [Read more...]