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Akin Still Pretending He Didn’t Mean It

Todd Akin is still pretending that he merely "misspoke" when he claimed that women don't get pregnant from rape because their bodies shut down. He and his supporters are still acting as if the problem was merely with his use of the word "legitimate." … [Read more...]

It’s SSA Week!

This week is SSA Week, when the Secular Student Alliance does their annual fundraising push. Since I consider the SSA to be quite possibly the most important organization in the entire movement, I strongly urge everyone to support them in any way they can. … [Read more...]

Dumbass Quote of the Day

From our old friend Joseph Farah:The Chechen terrorist wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in a free society that entrusted its citizens with their unalienable, constitutionally protected right to bear arms.First of all, that right is protected. In fact, the very thing he complains about is a possible future gun control measure: … [Read more...]

Finally, a Dating Site for Loonies

If you loved Christian Mingle, you're gonna love Alex Jones' new dating site for "freedom lovers" -- read: conspiracy nuts who think vaccines are a form of mind control and that the aliens planted a device in their anal cavity. To be fair, this is a necessary service since most singles bars won't admit people wearing a tin foil hat, carrying an AK-47. This site grabs some of the most interesting profiles. Like this one: … [Read more...]

WA Republican Legislators Want Legal Discrimination

A group of Republican legislators in the state of Washington are trying to pass a law that would explicitly allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people, all in the name of "sincerely held" religious beliefs. As if the sincerity of a belief is relevant at all. … [Read more...]

Alex Jones Gets His Own Legislation

To show you just how deeply the Republican party has mainstreamed the crazy, there is now a bill in Congress based on the idiotic and immediately debunked conspiracy theory that the government is buying up all the ammunition to keep people from being able to buy it for their own guns. … [Read more...]

Gohmert Brings the Crazy

Rep. Louis Gohmert, who would need a promotion to get to be merely a moron, is still bringing the crazy. You know what that means -- it must be a day that ends in Y. His newest bit of stupid is that the Obama administration is just overrun with Muslim Brotherhood members. … [Read more...]

MS School Sued for Mandatory Religious Assembly

The Rankin County School District in Mississippi has been sued by the American Humanist Association on behalf of a student after the school held several mandatory school assemblies for Christian proselytizing at Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood. You can read the full complaint here. … [Read more...]

Israeli Court Rules in Favor of Women at the Wall

I've written several times about the ongoing controversy in Jerusalem, where a group called Women at the Wall have been challenging the custom and law that has prevented them from praying at the Western Wall in traditional prayer shawls. Ultra-Orthodox Jews there think that only men should be allowed to do that and the police have repeatedly arrested women who attempted it. Now a court has ruled in favor of the women. … [Read more...]

Muslim Terrorism vs. Right Wing Domestic Terrorism

Mother Jones has a story that details all of the terrorist violence in the United States since 9/11 (terrorism being defined as violence committed to make a political, religious or ideological statement). The article is based largely on this report from the New America Foundation (I spent a weekend at a conference a couple years ago with Steve Clemons of the NAF; very, very smart guy and a virtual encyclopedia when it comes to foreign policy). … [Read more...]

Multi-Level Marketing for Wingnuts

Ron Paul and Doug Wead are helping push a new multi-level marketing program, apparently for wingnuts who find Amway too difficult to master. Liberty Network Marketing is run by children of both men, with their pictures all over the website. … [Read more...]

Mikey Weinstein is the Devil

Or so says the latest bit of hate email he received. This one is even crazier than the usual ones. Apparently, he looks like the devil (they know what the devil looks like?) and he and everyone he knows and is related to deserves to suffer. Enjoy: … [Read more...]