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Pathfinders Update: A School on Stilts in Cambodia

Foundation Beyond Belief's Pathfinders are in Cambodia working with the Bridge of Life school. Wendy Webber has a report (or here) on a visit to a school built on stilts that serves a floating village called Kampong Klein. She and the others are learning some of the difficulties of providing education to young Cambodians: … [Read more...]

Another Right Wing Myth Debunked

You may remember the right wing absolutely freaking out about pro-choice protesters allegedly bringing jars of urine and feces to throw at the Texas state capitol when the legislature was trying to pass harsh anti-choice legislation. "Police confiscate jars of suspected urine and feces," screamed the headline at Glenn Beck's The Blaze. And the Hot Air blog. And RedState. And the National Review. Turns out it was all nonsense: … [Read more...]

Far Right Fueling Anti-Americanism in Egypt

Chris Hayes had a report Monday night about how statements from Rep. Louis Gohmert about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the Obama administration are being used in Egypt to fuel anti-American sentiment. Talking Points Memo reports on the same thing. … [Read more...]

Bradlee Dean Manages to Top Even Himself

We've grown accustomed to Bradlee Dean saying all manner of stupid, bigoted things, but I think this time he may actually have managed to top himself, with help from his partner-in-stupid Jake McMillan. Like with this bizarre and utterly false claim that gay people are responsible for half the murders in big cities. … [Read more...]

When Keyes and Gohmert Met

There have been many times in history when great men have met and the world was rapt with attention. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. FDR, Stalin and Churchill. Caesar and Brutus. Ali and Frazier. But all must now take a backseat to the day when Louis Gohmert and Alan Keyes took to the radio together to tell the world that the "elites" want to "depopulate the globe" down to less than 500 million people. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Liberals Can’t Be Wise Without God

Here's a class Bryan Fischer diatribe declaring that liberals "cannot be clued in, you can't be discerning, you can't be perceptive, you can't be wise unless you begin with a holy reverence for God." Wise like you, Bryan? You're one of the most virulently ignorant people I've ever encountered, a volcano of inanity. … [Read more...]

Another ‘Satanic’ Panic Debunked

Every once in a while people fall into the grip of a Satanic panic, thinking that there are covens of witches and warlocks doing unspeakable rituals to people or animals. It always turns out to be nonsense, of course, and the latest one did as well. … [Read more...]

Ken Ham is Not Happy With Me

Last week when lightning struck a zip line attraction at the creation museum, I wrote a post making fun of the fact that we're always hearing how such incidents are God's message for something, usually The Gay. So what message was God sending then? Ken Ham scurried over to the Christian Post to express his displeasure and to say absolutely nothing that engaged with my point at all. … [Read more...]

Another State Drug Testing Failure

We've already seen that drug testing for welfare recipients has cost more than it saved in other states and now Utah has found the same thing. Their system was quite different from Florida's, involving a written test that was supposed to tell who needs to be given a drug test. … [Read more...]

Major Defector on Marriage Equality

Joseph Bottums, a conservative Catholic who helped draft the Manhattan Declaration, has defected on the issue of marriage equality in an essay in Commonweal magazine. In that essay, he makes a "Catholic case for same-sex marriage," but it seems to be more of a pragmatic case than a principled one: … [Read more...]

Rush Limbaugh and the 24-Year Old Women

Media Matters put together this montage of clips from Rush Limbaugh over the years showing an obsession with the idea, which he is clearly fixated on, that 24 year old women are frightened of him and intimidated by him. It's really kinda creepy. … [Read more...]

NYPD Officer Charged With Lying on Arrest Report

In an extraordinarily rare occurrence, an NYPD officer has been charged for lying on an arrest report after arresting a New York Times photographer for taking pictures of him arresting someone else. But it's pretty clear he isn't the only one involved in the situation who was lying. … [Read more...]