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Christians Sue to Stop Science Standards in Kansas

In case you thought Kansas hadn't had enough idiocy over science curricula in public schools, a group of fundamentalist Christians has filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the implementation of science standards on the grounds that they will teach things that are "inconsistent with the theistic religious beliefs" of the plaintiffs. The Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing the plaintiffs, said in a press release: … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly’s Spiritual Guidance

Bill O'Reilly has a new book out, Killing Jesus, which purports to tell the real story of the gospels. And he was guided in this process, he claims, by the holy spirit him/her/itself. It all came to him in a dream, you see. A very fortuitous dream. … [Read more...]

Kansas School Board Votes for Intercom Prayers

The school board in the badly misnamed town of Liberal, Kansas really, really wants to force students to listen to people praying. I mean really, really badly. So much that they ignored the advice of their superintendent and attorney and voted for it with no discussion when it wasn't even on the agenda. … [Read more...]

Dean Chambers’ Dumbest Prediction Yet

Dean Chambers clearly doesn't learn lessons very well. Or maybe he just doesn't care if he ends up being humiliated publicly as long as it earns him some attention. But after being thoroughly embarrassed by "unskewing" the polls and predicting a Romney landslide last year, he's made his dumbest prediction yet: Chris Christie is going to run as a Democrat, because only as a Republican could he get elected as a fat man. Or something. … [Read more...]

Kessler Gets a Radio Show

After being fired as police chief for his appallingly moronic and violent rhetoric against his own constituent, Mark Kessler quickly found a new job in a cesspool where he should be quite comfortable: Right wing talk radio. And he'll be joining fellow neanderthal Pete Santilli: … [Read more...]

Jacobs Does Least She Can Do

Our old friend Cindy Jacobs says she wants to do something about child sex and labor trafficking. That's great, of course, because that's a very serious problem. So is she going to raise money for organizations that are working to fight it? Nope. She's gonna pray for three weeks. … [Read more...]

Mefferd Isn’t Good at Math

Wingnut radio host Janet Mefferd is beside herself that the Senate confirmed the nomination of an openly gay judge to an appeals court and she shows both her inability to do math and deliberate indifference to reality in claiming that gays are "overrepresented" on the federal bench. … [Read more...]

Barton’s Bizarre View of the 2nd Amendment

David Barton has some really bizarre positions on all sorts of issues, but when it comes to the second amendment he takes a position that even the most extreme gun rights activists don't: That it protects an individual's right to own not just guns but tanks and fighter jets too. … [Read more...]

More Abuse for Jessica Ahlquist

With the announcement the Class of 1963 at Cranston West High School has donated two new banners to be put up in place of the prayer mural taken down after Jessica Ahlquist's successful lawsuit, there's a new torrent of hateful abuse being aimed at Jessica on Twitter. When she playfully tweeted that she hadn't been invited to the unveiling ceremony for the banners, the insults and attacks were unleashed, along with some serious ignorance too. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Marketing for Dummies

Or perhaps to dummies would be more accurate. Olivia Newton-John called in a Catholic priest to exorcize a house she owns in Florida and is trying to sell. A contractor committed suicide there and apparently potential buyers, including Rosie O'Donnell, were being scared off the by the specter (see what I did there?) of ghosts and evil spirits lurking about. … [Read more...]

The Blaze Covers FFRF's Stoning Event

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is holding a Stone a Heathen event on Monday to call attention to International Blasphemy Rights Day and raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night project. It's a clever fundraiser first done at the University of South Carolina where people can buy water balloons and "stone" an atheist, with the money going to charity. Billy Hallowell of Glenn Beck's The Blaze tries to understand the event. … [Read more...]

Michigan Filmmaker Pushes Christian Nation Nonsense

I'd never heard of Joseph Zabrosky, who grew up in Brighton, Michigan and now lives in nearby Howell, until I saw this article in a local paper. He's apparently made a film called The Real One Nation Under God, which "uses a fictional storyline to make his argument that the Founding Fathers’ intentions and case law solidify Christianity as the country’s established religion." And he makes predictably bad arguments in the article: … [Read more...]