Can You Determine Romney’s VP Pick Based on Whose Wikipedia Pages are Being Updated?

I’ll go ahead and admit I’m pretty desperate to find out who Gov. Romney’s running mate will be.  Have you downloaded the app which supposedly will allow users to find out the VP selection first?  Count me skeptical, but let’s see if it works!

In the absence of any real news, others are also speculating, including an examination of possible candidates’ Wikipedia pages!

The Romney campaign wants you to download its mobile app to be among the first to find out who Mitt is going to pick as his running mate, but if past history is any guide, you might want to instead be looking at Wikipedia — and whether any of the leading contenders’ entries are being suddenly brushed up.

Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia page was updated at least 68 times the day before John McCain announced her selection, with another 54 changes made in the five previous days previous. Tim Pawlenty, another leading contender for McCain’s favor, had 54 edits on August 28th, with just 12 in the five previous days. By contrast, the other likely picks — Romney, Kay Bailey Hutchison — saw far fewer changes. The same burst of last-minute editing appeared on Joe Biden’s Wikipedia page, Terry Gudaitis of Cyveillance, told the Washington Post.

Read the rest here to see charts of how frequently some of the possible candidates Wikipedia sites have been updated.

In the meantime, go ahead and get the app — it might be the best option for Romney fans to find out first!

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