Quick — what’s your favorite Bible verse? If you’re like most people John 3:16 came to mind. But if that’s your answer and you’re a Presidential candidate, you’d be skewered for being “obvious.” What IS the right answer if you’re a candidate? Read more

So now we’re using domestic racial violence to not just bolster the case for gun control but also to diminish the threat of international terrorism? Read more

But what if Curt was not only right about Muslim extremists, but underestimating their numbers? Read more

A surprising group is emerging as prominent public supporters of abortion, but perhaps their emergence isn’t very surprising after all. Read more

Sometimes it’s hard to find a show that everyone in the family can enjoy, so I have a feeling you’re about to thank me. Read more

Many of you read the daily posts I wrote when my family and I were on our 15 night Trans-Atlantic Disney cruise this summer… and I made “virtual friends” who sometimes give me updates on their Disney cruises as well! This one, from Kelly, I thought was worth sharing! Enjoy! Read more

David French has an excellent observation about “one of our two great political parties” which “protects child sacrifice with religious reverence.” Read more

Guess who the first “celebrity” Ashley Madison account holder is? Read more

The truly chilling thing is that the Obama administration now admits that its “deal” will lead to increased funding for terror groups, yet it persists in arguing that it’s the only way to prevent a war. Yet if Iran is killing American soldiers — and has been doing so for years — can the administration credibly say we’re at peace? Read more

Recently, Chris Pratt told the National Enquirer he will not film sex scenes or nudity due to his Christian faith. Read more

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