Jennifer Garner takes her kids to church every week – Read the surprising reason she recommitted to Christianity

Jennifer Garner has begun taking her children back to church every Sunday.  Why the sudden devotion? Her latest movie role caused the change.

Garner grew up going to church every Sunday with her family, but says she stopped going when she moved to Hollywood. (The culture there, she says, doesn’t encourage faith.) But when she was cast as Christy Beam in Miracles From Heaven, she began to rethink her faith. [Read more…]

GAUNTLET THROWN DOWN: Rubio mocks “con artist” Trump’s misspelled tweets, makeup, age, and backstage fits

I’ve never seen anyone go after Trump like this.

Perhaps high off last night’s debate performance, Marco Rubio comes off the top rope on front runner Donald Trump in front of a raucous crowd.  (If you watch the 8 minute video above, know that he gets more and more feisty as the speech goes on.)


While watching the video, I lamented that THIS is all a part of the way we choose Presidents for the greatest nation in the world. God help us all.

#GOPDebate: Does Trump have a point? Are the audiences packed with anti-Trump lobbyists and donors?

If you are watching the debate right now, you might hear something over and over. [Read more…]

David French: Ben Carson’s response to my article reveals THIS character flaw

Last night, we were shocked when our phones started buzzing and beeping because Megyn Kelly asked Ben Carson why he’s not dropping out of the Presidential race already…  and used David’s article to do so.  Oh yeah, and it was on live television. [Read more…]

UPDATE: TRUMP & MITT EXCHANGE INSULTS – Romney Entered ’16 in a ‘Bombshell’ Way With a Donald Trump Message

Many of you know that we love and respect Gov. Mitt Romney — and spent about eight years of our lives trying to promote him.  Speculation is high about whom he supports in this crazy Presidential race, and he’s broken his silence.   [Read more…]