3 Gates of the Dead….Lego Sets? Probably not….yet…

Well, Rogue fans, I’m about to be a published author. My book, 3 Gates of the Dead, will be coming out in October 2013. The date is to be announced soon along with a teaser at the storyline AND the cover.

This book has been a long, hard journey. It was published once, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away. That’s a story for another time. The beauty of it is, I got to rewrite this book, add a brand new story line, and add more mythology of the larger world I created for my characters.

However, the past five years have hammered home a brutal fact: Writers have to suffer.

It’s really inevitable. If you’ve met a writer, you’ll know. Every writer has a horror story, a sob story, a story that will drive you to drink. The thing is, none of us write to be a success. Not really. Sure, we have those dreams. We write to make sense of the world. We write to make sense of the voices  in our heads.  I’m convinced we’re all a bit nuts. Here’s to you, my fellow scribes for doing what we love and doing what drives us mad.

Stay tuned to Geek Goes Rogue for book news as it unfolds.

What’s up next? My YA book Revolution of the Wolf, already been written, will most likely come out Summer 2014. Content? Can’t tell you or my agent will kill me. Really.

And, The Dark Bride, the sequel to 3 Gates of the Dead, has already been written. It needs some revisions, but will most likely have a Fall 2014 release date.

What will be I writing next? Ah, that is the fun part. I’ll be writing a younger kids book along the lines of Chronicles of Narnia, Wind in the Willows and A Wrinkle in Time. The story of how this project came together is pretty remarkable. When it will be released? Undetermined, but the writing starts tomorrow. I’m rather excited about it. You might find a hint somewhere in this blog post.

Along with blogging here, writing articles for Christianity Today, and The High Calling, things are very busy on the writing front.

On to my dream of Lego Sets from my books…..

Hint Link here


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About Jonathan Ryan

Jonathan Ryan is a novelist, blogger and columnist. His novel, 3 Gates of the Dead, published by Open Road Media, is in bookstores everywhere. The sequel, Dark Bride, will be out in April 2015

  • Dave

    Voices? What voices? Did I tell you about the voices? I swear I don’t answer them. Really.

    Good stuff on the book success. I’m looking forward to reading them.

  • http://Www.jessicalemmon.com Jessica Lemmon

    A big WOOOOOO-HOOOOO! from a fellow nut-slash-writer. SO excited for you!!!

    • http://www.authorjonathanryan.com Jonathan Ryan

      Thanks, Jessica! You big time romance novelist, you…

  • http://kimupton.com Kim

    While planning the Lego sets, make them less painful to step on at 3am. :)
    Looking forward to reading your books.
    (p.s. “suffering” is how the characters get in…until then they just hang around mucking about in your coffee, or pulling your cat’s tail)

    • http://www.authorjonathanryan.com Jonathan Ryan

      Ouch! Legos at 3 in the morning….been there and used language that…..oops better not say that.