Part 1: Discouragement So, when tough times hit your life what keeps you going? When challenging circumstances or relationships are confronting you—or seem beyond your control? If you need a spiritual (more…) Read more

Part 1: Discouragement What keeps you going when life throws its challenges at you? When difficult circumstances, relationships, or decisions are spiraling out of control, where do you turn? Find the spiritual (more…) Read more

The Fall of Adam and Eve is one of the most commonly misunderstood doctrines in Christianity. Many believe that the Fall was tragic. Others believe that Eve ruined it for all of us, and were it not for her actions we could still be living in Eden. Others believe Adam and Eve committed a serious sin by partaking of the fruit, and that their sin is a permanent stain on all of (more…) Read more

Some in Christianity believe that Adam and Eve ruined it for us all when they ate the forbidden fruit, or that their sin has been passed on to all of us. Listen as Karen explains the truth about the Fall of Adam and Eve and what it means for the rest of us. (more…) Read more

Special guest Darla Isackson, Author of Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide Losing a loved one to suicide can be overwhelming and heartbreaking. Special guest Darla Isackson talks about her own experience, and offers valuable advice for those grieving suicide. She discusses grief and its importance, as well as the truths she discovered about life after death and the gospel of Jesus Christ as she grieved her son’s suicide. (more…) Read more

Special Guest: Darla Isackson, Author of Finding Hope While Grieving Suicide In this episode of I Believe: Expressions of Faith, Karen talks with Darla Isackson about her experience grieving suicide. Darla talks about losing her son to suicide and her personal (more…) Read more

How are you today? Feelings of self-doubt and insecurity have crept into all of our lives at one time or another, for various reasons, right? Maybe you’re thinking now, “I just don’t have what it takes.”  “Susie can do it better and looks better doing it!”  “I’ll never change.” Sometimes these feelings stem from tragic life circumstances or difficult situations. Or perhaps they (more…) Read more

Good Enough for God: 6 Keys to Victory Over Feelings of Insecurity and Self-Doubt (more…) Read more

Are we moving toward a religionless time? Or is the definition of religion shifting? (more…) Read more

(more…) Read more

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