How anyone could believe a loving God could consign millions to hell without an opportunity to learn of Him and His Son is beyond me. (more…) Read more

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Ever feel dreams lagging behind or wonder why those promised blessings haven’t shown up at your door yet? Are you wondering if God is still there, or if He’s running late? (more…) Read more

Some of us may stare at the sky, see the infinite number of stars, and wonder if God really knows us individually or if He is just interested in galaxies and galactic events. God has a very (more…) Read more

Of all the questions I receive most as a Mom-friend and mentor to my daughter’s teen friends, from others of the rising generation, and as I’ve listened to adults chatting about their own (more…) Read more

You may not really understand what the Bible is all about, or what the gospel and your own life have to do with one another. In this cast, we’ll talk simply about what the gospel is, and (more…) Read more

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Ever scratch your head wondering why God didn’t intervene in some seemingly random act of violence or tragedy? (more…) Read more

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The Afterlife: Ralph Jensen’s Spiritual View of the Savior’s Life, Ministry, Atonement, Resurrection in a “NDE” (Near Death Experience) Jesus Christ has been diluted, denigrated, dismantled by disillusioned, dagger-shooting Dawkins- hope-starved Hitchins’, and elitists like Ehrman, to no avail. (more…) Read more

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