The Chase for Face: The Shame of Western Collectivism

Ever wonder what Western collectivism looks like and why it matters? My recent article attempts to deal with these questions. 800px-Constitution_We_the_PeopleYou can find it over at the Missio blog, which is hosted by The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation, and Culture. The article is called “The Chase for Face: The Shame of Western Collectivism.”

Here are some of the things I address.

Socially speaking, what is “collectivism”?

Why are honor-shame cultures considered “collectivistic”?  What’s the logic?

What does Western style “collectivistic” look like?

Can we measure honor and shame?

What is the cost of Western collectivism?

Why does all this practically matter? What is the application?

Leave your comments and join the conversation. I look forward to hearing your ideas.


Photo Credit: CC 2.0/wikimedia

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