How to Teach Your Kids to Behave in Restaurants

Some friends are lamenting the plague of poorly-behaved children at what ought to be decent restaurants.  These are people who like children, but who want to eat with the sure confidence that a stranger's fork won't be launched across the room by the little monster making the high-pitched scream as he races through the establishment.As a parent, you don't want to be "that family."  But we know children have free will, and that we cannot control other people, we can only respond to their act … [Read more...]

Why I Love Presenting for Family Honor

This week while the executive director of Family Honor is up at the World Meeting for Families, I'll be getting ready for my first presentation of the new school year.  Family Honor offers courses in chastity for parents and for parents-and-teens.  Last year was the first year my husband and I participated as presenters, and I'm absolutely sold.  As a teacher and speaker, working with Family Honor is a dream.  Here's why:Your whole team is thoroughly trained.  It's not easy getting through Fa … [Read more...]

Catholic Life Hacks: Torn Window Screen

Imagine, just hypothetically, that you had a torn window screen.  Maybe one that looked like this: Unsightly.  Obviously the screen needs to be replaced.  But you're Catholic, you're busy! And anyway, you believe mosquitoes offer a unique opportunity for redemptive suffering.  What you need is a Divine Mercy window cling:And there you go, all fixed!  Now the view from your bedroom window says, "We pray extra much!" instead of "We need to go to the hardware stor … [Read more...]

Should Catholic Hospitals Sterilize Their Patients?

The answer is no, and neither should any other kind of hospital.In the news right now, the ACLU is suing a Catholic hospital in Michigan for declining to sterilize a woman who is requesting a tubal ligation.  Earlier this year, a Catholic hospital in California caved to ACLU pressure and decided to go ahead and sterilize a patient.  The ACLU's campaign has been building for several years, triggered by the number of mergers in which a Catholic hospital system acquired a previously secular in … [Read more...]

Jesus Gives Us the Haters-Gonna-Hate Talk

I should probably tattoo today's Gospel reading on the back of my hand.*  I was limping through the first two readings this morning trying to drum up a little spiritual enthusiasm, and then I hit my most desperately-needed annual pep talk from Jesus there in the Gospels.  It's the Everyone's a Critic talk. Providentially, today's readings fell on the 16th of the month this year, which means I write about it at  An excerpt:Our Lord points out: You can’t fast and feast at th … [Read more...]

Religious Ed Parents Who Don’t Come to Mass – What to Say?

A catechist wrote to me privately asking for ideas on how to invite parents to start attending Mass with their children.  Below is more or less what I suggested she consider including in her talking points:1) Compliment the parents and thank them (sincerely) for their obvious love for their children and their faith, and for the effort they are making to make it possible for their children to attend your religious education program.2) Acknowledge that we all have areas we need to grow in … [Read more...]

Time Management and the Kinds of Time

I've fallen off the internet lately, and that's because I've been sleeping.  More on that in a bit, but I thought you might be curious.Way back when the SuperHusband first started working in junior-level management, the company sent him to a training day for junior managers.  There was one of these professional presenters whose job was to tell the fresh-faced victims all the bad news about their new life, and how to get through it all without being fired or divorced.It was a pretty u … [Read more...]