Catholic Education: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

One of the reigning errors of our insecure, perpetually-offended culture is the Approval One is the Rejection of All Others fallacy.  So allow me to be perfectly clear: My love of homeschooling is in no way a rejection of our Catholic schools.Not for a moment.  Those who pay attention in real life know that I put quite a lot of effort into steering families towards their local Catholic schools whenever I can.*Thus in the busyness of getting the new school year going, I was dismayed to ha … [Read more...]

Head’s Up, Combox Closing

FYI - the disappearance of the combox is not a technical glitch.I have the best readers around, and the comments on this blog have been overwhelmingly charitable, insightful, and helpful.  (Particularly from those who disagree with me, but from the like-minded souls as well.)It's been a pleasure over the past six months to host such civilized discourse; it is work, but work that I enjoy.However reluctantly, though, I have to do the grown-up thing and say no to one good that I might … [Read more...]

Remedial Organizational Skills with Jennifer: Dry Erase Boards

 Up at The true story of how I fell in love with dry erase boards.90% of you will read and shake your heads with pity.  I am not here for you.  Go alphabetize your sock drawer or something.You the 10%, you are my people.  Distracted Mothers of the World, Unite! We can schedule an appointment just as soon as we figure out where the baby hid the calendar. Image copyright Jennifer Fitz 2014 . . . but why? … [Read more...]

Get Young Adults to Join Your Parish in Two Easy Steps, Guaranteed.

The question came up at Sherry Weddell's Intentional Disciples discussion forum: How does one attract and keep "young adults" in the parish?  I've been that young adult and I've spent a fair bit of time talking with the faithful Catholic young adults who don't show up at the St. Moribund's of this world, so I've got a pretty good grasp on the dynamic.  I'm sorry to report the answer is exceedingly simple:1. Be serious about following Jesus.2. Get out of the way.Don't believe me?   … [Read more...]

Something Good: Christian Soul Music with Actual Poetry in It

Just finished listening to the rough mix of Sam Rocha's freshly released album, Late to Love.  In my effortless knack for sticking with the "late" theme, I finally got around to listening to my review-files oh, you know, long after they'd arrived and a few days after the album came out.  Nothing against the feast of St. Augustine, I promise.What you should know:Do you listen to soul music? I'm not up on the genre.  Lately, in the unlikely event that I get silence, the last thing I want t … [Read more...]

3 Ways Homeschoolers Socialize Differently than School Kids

I've been in the depths of back-to-school preparation on multiple fronts, and I'm continually astonished that people still bring up the old "socialization" thing with respect to homeschooling.  So let's be blunt: Homeschoolers do not socialize the way school kids do.  It's a spectrum, of course.  There are many school families that don't get sucked into the assembly-line socialization rut, and thus teach their kids to cultivate a mature social life long before graduation.  There are likewise … [Read more...]

Nerd Boy Treasures:

Got on the computer and discovered someone else had been surfing the internet.  Browser was opened to an entire forum devoted to the topic of bad capacitors.I had no idea.Also, our would-be-trashed computer monitor might yet have new life in it.  The report from the soldering crew is that the new capacitor fixed the thing, but there's still a blown fuse.  They had to hot wire the machine in order to confirm the capacitor replacement had done what needed doing.Have I mentioned how grat … [Read more...]