Speaking of Sex . . . Learn How to Think About Sex

You were probably thinking, "I already think about sex enough, thank you very much."But how well were you thinking about sex?If your sex-thinking needs improvement -- perhaps it needs more rigor, thoroughness, or clarity . . . consider signing up for Family Honor's online college course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family: Cultural Implications.  The Fall 2014 session begins August 15th, and registration closes August 8th.My husband and I took this course together, … [Read more...]

Transgender Nuns, Ho-Hum

I'm back from conference-land and that means it's time to talk about Transgendered Nuns.When I got the head's up on this story a few days ago, I had one reaction and I'm sticking to it: This isn't complicated, kids.That is, unless you are sucked up into our hyper-ventilating, panic-addicted culture, and just desperately need something Shocking! to ooh and aah over.  Otherwise, you can do the Catholic thing.  We'll do the Catholic thing:1. Doesn't matter what your past is. C … [Read more...]

Conference Update: Saturdays Specials, Catholic Success & a Full House for Distracted Parenting 101

A little update from the Midlands Homeschool Convention, where I'm making my home-away-from-home this week:1. Saturday Specials: Free Exhibit Hall Admission for everyone, and $20 family day passes for the workshops.  Worth a look.  Lots of vendors of interest to any parent -- educational toys, books, colleges . . . good stuff.2. The Catholic Exhibit just plain rocks.  Why yes, we are the coolest thing there, though admittedly the Kapla blocks people are a pretty close second. And it's no … [Read more...]

Gone Conferencing . . .

See you there!  … [Read more...]

NFP Tip #3: Learn It Before You Need It

It's NFP Awareness Week.   Perhaps you aren't aware of NFP at all.  You should be.  It's the first line of recourse for infertility, and among the most effective.  For avoiding pregnancy, it's pretty simple: 100% of contraceptive failures occur on days when you're fertile.  If you are serious about not getting pregnant, you're pretty much asking for a wiggly, cuddly little surprise if you insist on ignoring your fertility and just hoping the factory did a  bang-up job with your particular box of … [Read more...]

How Do I Get the Kids to Behave in Class? There’s a book for that.

My book is up on the block today at Simcha Fisher's NFP Week Giveaway extravaganza.  Go enter now, and you can also try for the sauerkraut-making kit and 13 other great prizes.Tomorrow, the good sports will be asking, "Since I didn't win that one copy, should I just spend the $7 on my very own?"Yes, I think you probably should.Classroom Management for Catechists is for you if:You teach religious education. You do some other activity that involves a roomful of monkeys sweet, … [Read more...]

NFP Tip #2: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Learn Another Method

It's NFP Awareness Week.   You might be thinking, "I am aware of how wonderful, marriage-building, and personally-affirming NFP is.  I love, love, love NFP.  Doesn't everybody?"Well, no, not everybody loves, loves, loves it.But if you have a serious reason to avoid pregnancy, it's still pretty much your best bet.   (There are a few cases where the 100% method is better.  Very few, but they happen.)Likewise, if you are trying to conceive, NFP should be your method of first resort. {Cue … [Read more...]