Archives for Aug 24, 2005 @ 15:46

Picking a Translation

I got a request from an e-mailer to blog on translations. This is the first one of such posts. There are a number of good translations available, and there are advocates for each one, and they use a variety of reasons for why they are advocates for one over another. I think there is a [Read More…]

PhD Topic: Visitation

Perhaps this has been done and I have not seen it, but there is a need for a study of the praxis of early Christian visitation. Check the word books on episcopos/episkep– and you will see the issue quickly become “how much authority is in this office?” and very little attention to the concrete reality [Read More…]

Minnehaha Retreat

Yesterday I was invited to speak at an all-day Faculty Retreat for Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis. The school has about 1200 students (K-12), and the Faculty represent a wide spectrum of the Church — many, of course, from the Evangelical Covenant Church. Over the years at North Park I’ve had many students who went to [Read More…]