Archives for Sep 1, 2005 @ 15:08

Emerging Movement and Postmodernism

Bob Robinson, over at Vanguard, has a very nice introduction to how evangelicals are responding to postmodernism. It is a preface in a series he is doing. The discussion is too important to drop. [Read more…]

Pagitt on Preaching 2

This is the second post by Brad Boydston and me on Pagitt’s new book on preaching. Scot: Doug Pagitt’s new book, Preaching Re-imagined, suggests that we compare two kinds of preaching: “speaching” and “progressional dialogue.” He sees big problems with the former, and great potential in the latter. [Read more…]

Jesus on Being Missional 5

Jesus told his missional Apostles not to take money, not to carry a beggar’s bag, and not even to take extra clothing and shoes — and then adds they are not to take a staff (probably a protective device). There have been many interpretations of Jesus’ strong directions to the Apostles on what provisions on [Read More…]