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When the Knees of New Orleans Buckled

The knees of the proud and happy City of New Orleans are not broken, but they have buckled, and the City staggers as we close our day in Chicago. In New Orleans, though, this day will not close – it will continue like a stupor until somehow, someway, the waters can be dried up, the [Read More…]

CNN’s Daryn Kagan: Was she fair to George W. Bush?

I avoid political rants and even political comments, but this has to be said about what Daryn Kagan said immediately after George W. Bush was aired being briefed in Mississippi. [Read more…]

Grace Grinding

There is a kind of writing, preaching, and talking about grace that instead of offering grace and extolling the goodness of God, seems to use grace as the backhand of God that is used to grind humans into the ground as it talks about grace. I’m having a hard time being gracious about this. [Read more…]

A Prayer for your study

Grant me, I beseech thee, O merciful God, Prudently to study, Rightly to understand And perfectly to fulfill that which is pleasing to thee, To the praise and glory of thy name. Amen. Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas [Read more…]

Jesus on Being Missional 6

Reputation may not be everything, but it matters to Jesus. His concern was Kingdom reputation when the Apostles got involved directly in missional work, and when they were performing the Kingdom as an extension of his mission. [Read more…]