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A Family that runs together…

Believe it or not, I was once a cross country runner. Believe it or not, I ran for my college team. But here’s the skinny: my basketball coach in college came to me and said that the cross country team was down a runner and needed one more runner to start the race and finish [Read More…]

Pagitt on Preaching 3

Scot: I like Doug Pagitt’s idea of “implicating” the audience in the text and sermon. That is, he argues that “application” is an insufficient term to describe the full intention of what the Bible wants from us as we hear the Word. He suggests the Bible, and the sermon as the working out of the [Read More…]

Poll on pastoral skills

Here’s a new poll. What do you think is the number-one most important skill or gift or attribute for a pastor? I know, I know, I know — we need persons gifted with more than one gift for this vocation. But, still, what do you think is most important? [Read more…]

Poll on translations

The first poll is now complete. The final results for my blog readers on translations are: [Read more…]

Frye’s Unholy Pastor

John Frye’s post on Jesus as the unholy pastor is worth a read. To which I make this commentary: For Jesus, holiness was not something fragile in need of protection but something powerful in need of liberation. You can quote that, and I’m not sure where I heard it I’ve said it so many times, [Read More…]

Grace Grinder, and proud of it?

Over at Jolly Blogger there has some been discussion. I don’t want to drag all those comments over here, but I would like to say this. I am grieved that some readers/commenters could be self-confessedly proud of being a grace grinder. Can we be proud of thumbing people into the ground as we speak of [Read More…]

Why “Labor” Day?

I’m sitting here this morning trying to figure out why we call today “Labor” Day. A quick glance through Wikipedia’s entries on “Labour Day“, reveals that Labor Day is connected to the celebration of the contribution of workers to our world. But, I’m trying to figure out what in my life is so “laborious.” [Read more…]

Jesus on Being Missional 9

In this next section of Matthew 10 (vv. 21-25), we find a chain-link phenomenon connected to much of missional work even today. The missional person who is devoted to creating the way of Jesus in a liminal situation (a situation unmapped or unknown or new and different) may well experience personal betrayal, but betrayal is [Read More…]