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The Life of a Prayerful Person: Hope

The Psalms provide for us a complete picture of life’s journey before God. Walter Brueggemann sees three “phases” in the journey of life. Brueggemann calls these three phases orientation, disorientation, and new orientation. The important word for Brueggemann was disorientation, as I think both “orientation” and “new orientation” are bland descriptions for what we are [Read More…]

Blogging as Pastoring

Lightning Atkinson, a student of mine who is praying and planning to plant a church with his wife Sara, now has a nice blogsite, called Churchbrew, and he has already put up some good ones. [Read more…]

Life of a Prayerful Person: Notice

I will shortly begin a short series of four posts on the “The (inner journey) of a Prayerful Person,” which will be my take on four kinds of Psalms. This is a modification of Walter Brueggemann’s Spirituality of the Psalms. [Read more…]

Jesus on Being Missional 12

Full-scale missional work, as we see in Matthew 10:37-39, moves from love to sacrifice. He who loves anyone more than me, Jesus says, is not worthy of me. Anyone is clear, and a very forceful. But… [Read more…]