Archives for Sep 11, 2005 @ 20:28

She made it

Laura finished her half-marathon. Here she is near the finish. Both Laura and Lukas ran a half-marathon this week. Great going! It was a sultry day, and she was strong to the finish. [Read more…]

Missional vs. Traditional

If you haven’t seen Tall Skinny Kiwi’s charts, do so. There are worth thinking about. No chart says it all, but these two say things that need to be said. [Read more…]

Emerging Theology is Purple Theology

The recent interview of Brian McLaren in Sojourners made a slight plea for purple politics — neither red nor blue but purple. I have for a long time talked about how theology in the 80s became Reaganology, and by that I only meant to provoke thought. The 80s saw many evangelicals switch from the Democrats [Read More…]

The Life of a Prayerful Person: During Shalom

Sometimes life is wonderful and we tell God that it is. Autumn leaves that turn the countryside into images even Monet couldn’t paint, neighborhood picnics in the summer that create trust not previously known, churches that have good preaching and worship and that respond to needs and that create environments of grace and that make [Read More…]