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Pastoral Life: Ministers of the gospel 1

The poll on pastoral skills showed a very clear pattern: the interpersonal skills rated in the top four while the more traditional roles were in the bottom four. Thus: Interpersonal: discipling (25.9), authenticity (22.4), leading (16.1), and interpersonal (13.8). Roles: preaching (12.1), teaching (7.5), administration (1.7), and evangelism (0.6). What are the messages here? [Read more…]

1oo Billion Bics be damned!

Today I heard that Biro has now accounted for 100 billion Bic pens — disposable, now clogging up pipes, glutting our dump yards, and defying the world’s nature decomposition. So, let me urge you to stop buying Bics, buy a fountain pen, and be a person who uses the same pen for the rest of [Read More…]

Purple Theology: Scripture and its Unity

For a long time I have pondered blogging about Scripture. Of late I have been thinking this question: “What constitutes the unity of Scripture?” Let me provide, in this post, a brief taxonomy of the options and in so doing offer a purple exploration of the unity of Scripture. [Read more…]

The Life of a Prayerful Person: During the Return of Shalom

This finishes our series on the “life of a prayerful person,” which puts together the season the prayerful goes through in the Book of Psalms. We can begin with Shalom, experience utter confusion, only to turn the corner to watch Shalom return home again. [Read more…]