Archives for Sep 14, 2005 @ 20:28

A New Heresy and Sect Discovered

Recently, but only very recently, a new sect and heresy have been discovered. This group, evidently confined nearly entirely to Chicago but numbering in the hundreds of thousands, has managed to keep itself under wraps for all authorities. Who are they? [Read more…]

Emerging and Postevangelicalism

Kris and I will be driving up to Grand Rapids tomorrow evening (or see how far we can get once we see how cooperative the Chicago traffic is) where will be at the Civitas Lectures on Postevangelicalism. I will be giving a paper at 3:15 or so on “Trying to Become Conversant with the Emerging [Read More…]

In praise of others

In C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms , there is a chapter called “A Word about Praising.” Lewis, who couldn’t for the life of him figure out why God summoned his creation to praise him, since it sounded a bit self-preoccupied. He couldn’t come to terms with this “perpetual eulogy.” [Read more…]

Pastoral Life: Ministers of the gospel 2

The two focal points of the one called to minister the gospel, or in the gift of ministering the gospel (which is not the whole of our task), are people and the Word of God. Before getting into each, let me emphasize that the purpose of preaching is not to relay information only nor is [Read More…]

Fountains Pens: Starting

If you want to purchase a fountain pen, I’ll give you some tips. Unless you’re wealthy and can toss gobs of money into corners you may never again visit, I suggest that you get a good fountain pen catalog and look through it carefully. My recommendation is Fahrney’s Pens. Their online site is very good. [Read More…]