Archives for Sep 15, 2005 @ 15:28

Why Baseball is Superior to Football

I don’t know your reasons, but for me the #1 reason baseball is superior is… [Read more…]

The American League does not play baseball

It is that time of the year when fans are starting to chat about who will get to the World Series. Who cares?, I ask. Why do you say so?, they ask back. Because the World Series is not, in fact, baseball. [Read more…]

Pastoral Life: Ministers of the gospel 3

The ending of Paul’s first chapter in the letter to the Colossians is rich for the one who wants to know how to minister the gospel. It should be made clear, perhaps, that I’m not here talking simply of “ordained pastors” who are ordained to an “office” in the Church. In fact, Paul’s words apply [Read More…]

My Favorite Fountain pen

I ranted about Bic pens and that 57 of those little basters (a favorite word in Maine) have sold every second since the 1950s. Then I had to offer something in its place — ranting without a constructive solution is just pent-up nonsense. So, I suggested thinking about a fountain pen. Now I’ve been asked [Read More…]