Archives for Sep 17, 2005 @ 21:22

Blogs of the Week

I’m trying to get through my entire blogroll each week, but the book on prayer has kept me so busy I’ve not visited them all. Kris reads perhaps even more than I do, but I’ve found the following blogs this week to be especially interesting or provocative or courageous. [Read more…]

How to detect a Genuine Cubs Fan

Lots of folks claim to be Cubs fans, but some of them are Parousiacs — that is, fans who hang on so they can participate in the final coming of ultimate victory when the Cubs win the World Series. Other fans are genuine. This morning, when Kris and I were walking around the lake at [Read More…]

Pastoral Life: Ministers of the gospel 4

In our last post, we looked briefly at how ministering the gospel is to take place. This post continues that. How are we to minister the gospel? [Read more…]