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Tell me your story

Many of you know that I have published a book on conversion, Turning to Jesus, and that I have also done two studies of conversion of a more particular nature: one on why Evangelicals convert to Roman Catholicism (see sidebar in Studies I have online) and one on why Jews convert to faith in Jesus [Read More…]

On a Christian College

I gave a paper some five or six years ago at North Park on the nature of a Christian college, especially as it applies at my school. The exploration of a Christian education through the categories of monotheism, polytheism, and henotheism is suggestive for me, and I wonder what you might think of it. The [Read More…]

Treasures: Here or There?

Jesus is both pragmatic and utopian in Matt 6:19-21. In a day when wealth and riches meant oppression of the poor and a day when poverty, if handled properly, meant piety, Jesus summons people to follow him who will trans-evaluate possessions. Possessions then and now were and are a source of pleasure and a focus [Read More…]