Archives for Jan 18, 2006 @ 6:20

Making Moral Decisions: Homosexuality

I watched some of Larry King’s program tonight, and observed the discussion between the straight seminary president, the gay movie star and the gay (former) mayor in Wyoming. What struck me most was the way each made moral judgments and decisions — the seminary president by appeal to the Bible, and the movie star and [Read More…]

On Mormonism and its Growth

Rodney Stark, noted sociologist of religion, has contended in a series of publications that Mormonism is well on its way to becoming a world religion. (Stark, The Rise of Mormonism, Columbia University Press.) Stark predicts their numbers will rival other world religions. Gerald McDermott, friend and exceptional American historian, disagrees. [Read more…]

The Eye of Generosity

It is pretty easy for Christians to skip along reading “the eye is the lamp of the body” and not give one ounce of consideration to what is being said: How, we should be asking, can an eye be seen as a “lamp”? And, if an eye is good, how does that make the “body [Read More…]