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Friday is for Friends 4

Epstein suggests in the second half of his sixth chapter on Friendship: An Expose, eight reasons why friendship as an art, as a preoccupation, or as a core value is no longer what it was. Wondering what you think of these ideas and whether or not they have influenced your development of friendships. Good or [Read More…]

The Case for Liberal Evangelicals 3

In a delicious irony, I was finishing up Balmer’s 3d chapter on education and democracy while on the TV in the living room Ann Coulter was being interviewed by Chris Mathews on MSNBC. They were outside; young students were in the audience. The mic was given to a young woman who asked Coulter how she [Read More…]

Romans 7-8: Summary theses

NT Wright has a lengthy, ten-point summary of Romans 7:1–8:11. Here are this theses: [Read more…]