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Women in Ministry: “The Redemptive Trend”

Perhaps the foundation of the entire debate about women in ministry is in what is today called the “redemptive trend.” Very few would say the Bible teaches absolute equality of women and men in ministry, but instead most would say the Bible establishes the precedent, forms the foundation, and creates a redemptive trend that — [Read More…]

Merry Christmas from Webby

Webster got groomed and we try to preserve such moments for his clean appearance only lasts a short while. [Read more…]

CNN Presents: After Jesus — The First Christians

If you have a chance, I recommend each of you carve out the evening of Dec 20, from 7-9pm, to watch CNN. The show is called After Jesus: The First Christians, and it is an excellent and stimulating presentation of the first four centuries of the Christian faith. CNN kindly sent me an advanced copy [Read More…]

Portion sizes

Many of us are now involved in Christmas parties and even planning our Christmas table. Kris regularly reminds me — not always to my liking and not always with her intended goal! — of this: “portion size.” Restaurants, she tells me, double the size; airplanes give the proper portion size. The psalmist, at the meal, [Read More…]