Archives for Mar 16, 2007 @ 2:30

Friday is for Friends

On Fridays we are conversing our way through Darryl Tippens’ Pilgrim Heart, a book that explores the spiritual disciplines that impinge upon our corporate life together. The topic this week is one familiar to this blog: befriending. I want to begin with a beautiful quotation: [Read more…]

A 7-4 Spring Break

Yep, my Spring Break this week was a 7-4 Spring Break. When my students were wallowing in sand in Florida or some place more exotic, I was at home. In Chicago. The snow melted early in the week with temps in the 70s, and now we’ve turned north in our weather. It feels like Minnie-sooooooda. [Read More…]

Against the Wall: Focal Point

The focal point of this psalmist, a fella who has his back against the wall and is surrounded by those who want to do him in, is this: [Read more…]