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Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

The problem with this as a moral strategy, which is a routine refrain for the traditionalist view of homosexuality, is that it is nearly indistinguishable from hate the sin and the sinner. If we have to reduce moral views into sound-bytes then we ought to prefer “welcoming but not affirming” or, as I will suggest [Read More…]

Women Authors: Pam Smith

I rummaged around the books on my desk recently and discovered I had a week of posts sitting here about books written by women. I want to begin today with Pamela J. Smith, Nine Ways Women Sabotage Their Careers. [Read more…]

Sweet Peas

Saturday Kris and I drove down to the City to give Joel and Karla Willitts some relief. Their twins are non-stop feeders and are keeping both of them up at night and busy during the day. So, Kris and I held the two kids from 9am to 2pm — fed them and changed them and [Read More…]

Missional Jesus 6

What was Jesus’ ministry? It is a safe bet to infer from what Jesus did to what his intent and what his vision were. I suggest that Matthew 4:23-25, which has a near parallel in 9:35, is a great place to see what Jesus’ intent and vision were because the Evangelist tells us what Jesus [Read More…]