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Consuming Jesus 2

What is the contemporary church blinded to? The fun of this question is that the one who asks it nearly always assumes he or she knows the answer and is privy to something most aren’t. I don’t think it is all harsh on Paul Metzger to suggest that his book Consuming Jesus is making just [Read More…]

Help for Travel to Italy

We’re thinking of going to Italy again. This time we want to visit the Amalfi Coast (Vesuvius, etc). Our big question is transportation: How do we travel? Do we rent a car and drive through Naples? Or … Anyone out there know this kind of trip well? [Read more…]

One Village Coffee

Scott Hackman and the good folks at One Village Coffee have shaped a missional business of fair trade coffee. Here are their words: “One Village Coffee has partnered with Opportunity International to support micro finance projects in Indonesia. 10% of total Sumatra coffee sales will go to support Opportunity clients in Indonesia. Purchase a bag [Read More…]

Colossians Remixed 43

From the fictional story of Nympha’s trial to a justification of the theology behind that story, Walsh and Keesmaat now turn in Colossians Remixed. [Read more…]