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The Magic of Thomas Howard

I wish I could tell you that I have been a long-time reader of Thomas Howard. I can’t. Discovering his absolutely splendid The Night is Far Spent filled my Easter weekend and occasional moments with joy, insight, ruminations, and pleasure in his delightful prose. [Read more…]

Reforming 9

Olson admits that his characterization of conservative evangelicalism’s conservative emphasis is “impressionistic” but he puts it like this: “A habit of the conservative theological mind is to specialize in reiterating traditional doctrinal formulations and criticizing reconstruction and reformulations of doctrine” (98). So, Reformed and Always Reforming. [Read more…]

Preparing for Pentecost 13

There is a mood today at work in the church — the mood of open season on the church. Fundamentalists are attacking what they think are signs of drifting away from the stalwarts of the faith; liberals are attacking the conservatives and calling them such things as jihadists; and the younger generation of Christians think [Read More…]