Our Reasonable Faith 1

Here begins a new series by RJS, one of the most faithful participants of this blog, on Tim Keller’s new book. Timothy Keller, founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan recently came out with a new book The Reason for God.This book was written to provide “an intelligent platform on which true believers can stand [Read More...]

Biking for Justice

Some of our students, including Matt Enquist, are biking across the nation this summer for justice. Here’s the blog … and we’ll be following them all summer. I am going to do something I’ve never done … [Read more...]

First Day is Goldingay

Well, Goldingay’s 2d chp (Israel’s Faith (OT Theology, vol. 2)) is bogging me down, but this chp has a section that is a virtual open theism statement. So, here are some thoughts from the chp… [Read more...]

Preparing for Pentecost 29

The last five chps of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed are dedicated to specific examples of the Jesus Creed in action in the pages of the New Testament. [Read more...]