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“He had a good run”

7am Saturday morning (the day after we got home from South Africa) we got a phone call — it was the lady who keeps our Bichon, Webster, when we are away. Webster’s (he was almost 16) been aging fast this year, so we knew he could go at any time. Here’s what she said: “You [Read More…]

Our Reasonable Faith 7

This post is by RJS; for the record a Professor of Chemistry and thus (take a deep breath) a scientist… We all know, or have heard repeated over and over … Science has Disproved Christianity… the elite and intelligent know it … it is only a matter of time before average Americans come to their [Read More…]

Wrath 2

Well, after our conversation yesterday we’re ready to dive in. To be honest, this is the sort of issue that could take about fifty directions, one of which would be to canvass the Old Testament on “wrath.” Readers of that First Testament, in John Goldingay’s terms, know just how prevalent wrath is in those pages. [Read More…]