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My Traitor’s Heart

One of the books I was recommended to read about South Africa was Rian Malan’s well-known and widely-read My Traitor’s Heart. If Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country is a literary classic about the problems behind apartheid, and if J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace depicts the hopelessness and passivity of some in South Africa today, Rian Malan’s [Read More…]

Our Reasonable Faith 8

This series and this post are by RJS; and we are glad Scot is back – because the challenges confronting us in this chapter are up his alley not mine. Come on, many ask us today, you can’t really take the Bible literally—Can you? This is the important question addressed in Chapter 7 of Tim [Read More…]

Wrath 4

Now a brief summary of what we’ve seen in the two passages about wrath in the Synoptic Gospels … and we’ll get to John 3:36 when we get to the apostle John. When we get there, we may have to amend what we say today … we’ll have to wait on that one. [Read more…]