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Memorial Day

In the USA we reserve the last Monday of the month of May to honor those who have perished in military service. Kris and I are both grateful no immediate members of our family died in military service. Three in our immediate family did serve and we honor them today as well: [Read more…]

South Africa Reflections: Animal Kingdom

We stayed in South Africa with Nic and Magriet near Rustenburg; they live on a “farm” with a Conference and wedding center, a bed and breakfast, and their own home. Daily I got up early, took up my post near the pool and a table so I could watch birds and look into the mountain [Read More…]

Pastor’s Wisdom: Jim Martin

If I were to start over, what would I be sure to practice? Self-care Self-care is not only good stewardship of the self but also a gift to the church. When a Christian minister practices self-care, the congregation is blessed! [Read more…]