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On the Length of Comments

Today we’ve already had some record-length comments. Here’s what we need to remind ourselves of: [Read more…]

South Africa Reflections: Friends

We met so many new friends in South Africa, but I have to include some pictures of a few. I begin with Tom Smith and Trevor Hudson, who drove to Rustenburg from Johannesburg area to chat and eat lunch with Kris and me at the home of Nic and Magriet. Here is a picture of [Read More…]

Our Reasonable Faith 9

This series is by RJS Following Tim Keller in The Reason for Godwe have now presented and discussed seven of the biggest objections raised against the Christian faith. None of these objections are fatal to the historic Christian faith when examined objectively. But this is not enough Keller says — it is time to go [Read More…]

Wrath 5

The issues surrounding the meaning of wrath came out of the woodwork last Friday. Today we continue our series of marching through NT texts that use the word “wrath.” As I said last Monday, the evidence could be easily multiplied to overflowing if we were to consider each and every passage with any implication for [Read More…]