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Christian Realism 1

John Stackhouse, one in a growing group of blogging professors, has a new book that I want to read carefully and slowly because it challenges one of my fundamental orientations: an Anabaptist perception of the relationship of the disciple and the world or the church and culture. Christian realism, Stackhouse’s view, forms a middle ground [Read More…]

Fountain Pens

It’s about time for me to toot a bit about the glory of writing with a fountain pen. Now before you ask, I’ve provided a link to Amazon if you want to see some Fountain Pens. About five times a year someone writes to me asking my recommendations for fountain pens, so here goes … [Read more…]

Wrath 6

God’s impartial judgment of everyone, Jews and Gentiles, brings to the fore a reference to “wrath” in Romans 2:5: [Read more…]