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Christian Realism 8

Vocation — big issue that emerges directly from your theory of the relationship of the Christian faith and culture or State. The realist perspective of John Stackhouse, which I find stimulating (even if I disagree at times) and which I think represents the view of most Christians I know. Chp 7 of his book (Making [Read More…]

The Bible and Politics

Some thought Barack Obama’s comment about which passages we should choose if our country was to follow the Bible was messing with the authority of Scripture. What wasn’t clear in the criticisms of Obama was this: it was when Obama mentioned Sharpton and Dobson as folks at the ends of the interpretive spectrum that perhaps [Read More…]

Heaven 5

We are looking into such issues as whether or not “heaven” is the eternal home, or whether it is better to speak of “new heavens and new earth” as the eternal place, and then we are looking into whether heaven/new heavens is “up there” or the earth itself under new conditions as it is recreated. [Read More…]