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Original Sin, really!

Alan Jacobs is one of my favorite writers. Why? He’s an essayist. Which means he quotes everyone and doesn’t tell you where the quotation comes from — you’re supposed to know. Which is a clue to what kind of books Alan Jacobs writes. Imagine Jacobs at place on the Italian Lake Como, say Bellagio, where [Read More…]

Do you journal?

Last year a professor at North Park seminary, Helen Cepero, sent me the manuscript of her new book Journaling as a Spiritual Practice, asked me to take a look at it, and asked me to blurb it. I couldn’t even though I wanted to. Why? Not because I didn’t like the book, because I really [Read More…]

Heaven 8

We are marching through Luke’s use of “heaven” this week, and I’m not so sure we will finish. So here are a few more references: [Read more…]