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Compline, a prayer

We are going now into the sleep: O be it in Thy dear arm’s keep, O God of grace, that we shall awake. [Read more…]

Our Missional God 1

I begin this new series on Christopher Wright’s book, The Mission of God, with a view to helping us (1) understand the Bible better and (2) understand “missional” better. I’ve mentioned Wright’s book before, and I’ve mentioned that we will be using this book in one of our classes this Fall at North Park, but [Read More…]

Why Golf is Better than Soccer

Years ago perhaps America’s finest sportswriter, Tom Boswell, wrote an essay on why baseball was better than football and, if I remember, the first reason was “Marching Bands” and the second reason was “Marching bands at halftime.” I loved the piece. (OK, it’s a cheap shot at marching bands but you have to give it [Read More…]

Heaven 9

One of the most common uses of the word “heaven” in the Gospels is to indicate “up-ness” or “sky” or “the beyond.” Hence, the following few references from Luke but there are other texts that seem to go to the Beyond beyond the beyond and one of those appears today too: [Read more…]