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I will lie down this night with God, and God will lie down with me; I will lie down this night with Christ, and Christ will lie down with me; I will lie down this night with the Spirit, and the Spirit will lie down with me; God and Christ and the Spirit, be lying [Read More…]

Our Missional God 2

If chp 1 of Christopher Wright, The Mission of God, took issue with various ways Christians have tried to make sense of a missional calling, chp 2 explains his own big ideas … and, again, drink these in because they are valuable for the long term. [Read more…]

I Believe in “Q”

Nope, I’m not talking about Q, the hypothetical Gospel that Matthew and Luke used. Nor am I talking about the famous wine from Sonoma County in California. I’m talking about Motorola’s new phone: Moto Q. Many of you know that I just got a cell phone two years ago and I had some goofy adventures [Read More…]

Heaven 11

We enter into the world of John’s Gospel today. This Gospel has a stronger vertical dualism than the Synoptics, but let’s look at a few texts: [Read more…]