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Help Question

Does anyone know of a good video on how we got our Bible? [Read more…]

Lost in Transmission

There are two things I really like about Nick Perrin’s new book, Lost in Transmission. The first is that Nick gets it when it comes to the level of books the church needs more of. Evangelicals, in the 70s and 80s, decided to be more scholarly; that’s a good thing. In the process most of [Read More…]

Chrysalis: A Reminder

I want to remind the Jesus Creed blog community of an offer I made to read a book and engage in a conversation here about it. We will begin on August 11th. The offer is for these kinds of people: people who have struggled with their faith, people who are spiritual directors who know the [Read More…]

Heaven 12

One special text in John about heaven: [Read more…]