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Friday is for (Original Sin) Friends

In the 2d chp of Alan Jacobs, Original Sin, we learn about the contribution of Augustine to the idea of original sin. Here’s what we learn: [Read more…]

Livin’ Leviticus

I wasn’t able to find it online (oops), but Christianity Today‘s most recent print edition has a piece that I’d like to talk about. Daniel Harrell, a pastor at Park Street Church in Boston (say, “bah-ston”), got 21 folks to experiment with living the Book of Leviticus for a month. Inspired by the funny and [Read More…]

Beast Feasts at Church

A church in Texas is shaped for “guys.” I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but the colors and appearance and events, guy things like hunting and fishing and golf, are emphasized. The church is called 121 Community Church, and it’s Grapevine Texas. “No pastels. No flowers. No sweet music. No sit-with-your-hands-folded mood. Women are [Read More…]