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Our Missional God 20

We come to the end of Chris Wright’s exceptional book, The Mission of God. The mission of God to make his name know to the whole world finds its end in Jesus, in the early Christian preaching to the nations, and in the Church’s task to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. [Read more…]

Teaching the Gospels and Acts

Teachers are always looking for textbooks, and good textbooks are hard to find. Those two points come from 25 years of teaching. Textbooks have to complement lectures and class sessions, and most of us don’t want to use a textbook that covers the same thing discussed in class. Charles Puskas and David Crump, an editor [Read More…]

Gospel 8

We come to the end of this week’s series on gospel with a potent passage, one dearly loved by liberation theologians and justice workers and one of which many reducers of the gospel today are fearful. Here’s my opinion on this matter: liberationists tend to reduce the gospel to this text while the traditional evangelical [Read More…]