Good Intentions: Bob Smietana

Bob Smietana and Charles North have written a book I need and perhaps you do to: some good old fashioned common sense about economics. Some people have Good Intentions but not enough economic sense. I’ve asked Bob to converse with us about this issue today. The issue these writers are asking is not “if” we [Read More...]

Missional at Biblical

Last Friday morning I flew out to Philadelphia to speak at Biblical Seminary. John Franke was installed as the Lester and Kay Clemens Professor of Missional Theology. It may have been the most satisfying and stimulating theological conference I’ve ever attended. [Read more...]

Gospel 13

Some of the texts in the Gospels about the “gospel” don’t tell us enough to help us define what how the NT authors understand the “gospel.” So, I’ll gather together three texts (and their parallels) because each assumes we know what it means. [Read more...]