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Loosening the Grip 3

We are doing a series on J. Kameron Carter’s book, Race: A Theological Account. When I say “we” I mean a number of folks, and today’s post is written by Soong-Chan Rah, professor at North Park Theological Seminary. [Read more…]

Declaring Doom 3

America’s history with prophetic pronouncements includes not only apocalyptic doom. Think Thomas Jefferson. Two of my favorite places in the DC area are the Jefferson Memorial, which perhaps could be called the temple of liberal, enlightened reason, and Monticello, Jefferson’s home. Whenever we are in DC, if we get the chance, I stand in the [Read More…]

Gospel 15

The gospel moved from Jerusalem and a gospel-shaped message for Jews to the Samaritans. When it did, this is what we read in Acts 8: [Read more…]