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Declaring Doom 4

Thomas Jefferson anchored the entire good of Christianity in the morals of Jesus. Ralph Waldo Emerson, ever striving for the universal to be found in nature, anchored it all in “moral sentiment.” Both Jefferson and Emerson, though, thought the days of Christianity were numbered and soon to expire — so the next chp in Prophesies [Read More…]

Now Brewing: Stone Cup Brewing Co

When we were in Franklin Tennessee, we grabbed a cup of coffee at the Curious Gourmet Cupcake Cafe where we were introduced to Stone Cup Roasting Co. Very tasty, even if I’d prefer a barista plying her craft with a classic machine. Their machine was fully automated, but it ground the beans and pulled a [Read More…]

Gospel 16

The gospel that went from Jerusalem to Samaria had the same “content,” as we saw yesterday: it was about Israel’s history, about Jesus as Messiah, and about the kingdom of God. We might then say it is about a Person and the Society around that Person. Now we turn in Acts 8 and Philip and [Read More…]